Access to flexible providers is extremely valuable when dealing with at-risk, in-crisis, or families that have CPS or other government intervention involved. Parents often find themselves scheduled for visits or other services at a time that works for the agent or social worker, but unfortunately does not work for a typical job.

What is a parent to do? Should they quit the job? Then they would not be able to prove that they can provide financially. Should they miss visits or services? Then they will not be able to prove that they are taking the necessary steps to resolve the family issues that prompted intervention in the first place.

Fortunately, flexible jobs, flexible therapists, and other flexible arrangements can ensure that all of the necessary work is done while creating stability that will help keep the family together and functioning as a unit and individually.

For example, many parenting class providers offer zoom and other video live class options that fulfill court requirements for live classes. Participants are able to interact as if in person from any device. Likewise, drug and alcohol courses can be completed online. Working from home grants the flexibility to attend meetings while maintaining employment.

Family reunification, life coaches, and career coaches can help guide families through this process and work to ensure that they are receiving the services necessary to ensure they are able to reach the stability that they desperately desire.

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