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Family Reunification Coaches

Family Reunification Coaches

Family reunification coaches are trained life coaches who are saved and called to Christian coaching ministry. They have a passion for helping at-risk and in-crisis families. They believe the Word of God is the ultimate authority on how to run a family and are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to use them to direct families to resources and assist families in need. Providing emotional support: A family reunification coach can offer an empathetic ear and a shoulder to lean on during what can be a very difficult time for families. They can listen without judgment, offer encouragement, and help families to cope with the emotional impact of the intervention. Offering practical guidance: Family Reunification Coaches can help families understand the DSS or CPS process, including what to expect in terms of visits, court hearings, and other legal proceedings. They can also help families connect with resources in their community, such as counselors or therapists who specialize in working with fa

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